League of Legends Web Icons

Given the task of creating a series of simple web icons for a website of our choosing/design, I decided to incorporate my all-time favorite game, League of Legends into the project in order to keep myself invested – and invested I was. Though the project only required that I make four icons, I wound up making eight for the final project.

It was during another project that I decided to reuse the icons out of my own interest and to save time. The only problem was that the project featured some characters that I hadn’t made; the simple solution, of course, was to make them! By the time I was finished with the second batch, I had approximately twelve icons in total.

By this time I had decided to make the project into a hobby of mine and quickly rounded out the rest of the batch into a total of twenty-five icons featuring playable characters from the game of League of Legends. I’ve since continued the project with the goal to eventually create an icon for every character in the game – and with there being new characters being added all the time and a current roster of 143 characters as of this post, it looks like I’ll have my work cut out for me!