Mythological Menagerie

When given this project, I wanted to deviate away from the usual appearance of these otherwise fantastical creatures. For example, mermaids are often portrayed as being beautiful women with fish tails, but what if I were to subvert this by giving them manta ray wings instead? What would happen if I gave a harpy ostrich feathers instead of the magnificent wings of the eagles we’re so use to see them portrayed with?

Once the creatures – or “centeroids”, a professional/scientific term I came up with that describes creatures with both human and animal attributes – had been chosen and their animal halves selected, I then designed their human halves after the people native to the regions of the world the animals come from. For example, a musk ox centaur is given an Inuit-like appearance while a peacock harpy is modeled after an Indian monk and a rattlesnake lamia is modeled after a tired and weary college student from the mid-west United States.