The Lady of Clockwork

When being given an open-ended task such as creating a DVD cover for a movie, regardless of whether or not the movie has actually been made, I personally feel it’s important to do something that will keep you invested in the project. It ensures that you are enjoying yourself and, and such, will do your best work. So when coming up with concepts for the aforementioned project, I decided to do a movie involving one of my favorite hobbies: League of Legends.

For a while, I played with the concept of making a movie about any one of the characters from the game, each of whom have their own individual stories that often times will intertwine with one another. Eventually, I settled on the character Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork, who is one of my personal favorites and a character I believe has a very interesting story. Once that was figured out, I went through a number of concept sketches before I finally settled on a design.

After that, it was a bit of a struggle to find license-free images to use. The cogs and gears that peppered the backgrounds were simple enough to find, but a free-to-use image of the star of the movie was another matter entirely. Using the game’s splash art was obviously off the table and using someone else’s fan art for my project wasn’t acceptable either, even if I wasn’t planning on using any of the images for monetary gain. Eventually though, I managed to find a cosplayer whose photographs fit the necessary requirements – unfortunately, their cosplay was of one of Orianna’s cosmetic skins, but at this pint I couldn’t afford to be picky. With all the necessary elements together, it was a simple matter of knitting them altogether into what I believe to be a compelling, if simple cover design.