Witches of the West and South

Contacted by a private commissioner, I was asked to redesign two characters for an online novel called Grimmwoods, a series that involves numerous fairy tales, mythological figures, and other characters within the public domain – specifically, the Wicked Witch of the West and her sister, Glinda Goodwitch.

While I was given concept art, I only loosely followed these as the commissioner had given me free creative rein over the project and only asked that I portray the characters as healthy representations of their body types. I instead did some research on the characters and took inspiration from their various incarnations – for example, did you know that the Wicked Witch originally controlled her iconic flying monkeys with a golden cap in the books? I decided to make this an Easter egg and color the band of her hat a faded gold to give a splash of color to an otherwise grim color palette.

Of my own volition, I decided that I needed to include one of the Wicked Witch’s ‘pretties’ while also meeting the considerably darker tone of the Grimmwoods series. This is why there is a giant, winged gorilla standing behind her as opposed to an oversized capuchin monkey with feathers.