Question: Why Kerala Has Better IMR Even With Low Per Capita Income?

Why is Kerala more developed than Punjab?

Though the per capita income of Punjab is higher than Kerala, Kerala is considered most developed than Punjab due to following reasons, 1) Kerala has low infant mortality rate(11 per 1000) 2) Kerala has high literacy rate(91%) 3)Kerala also has high net attendance ratio(91%) 4)very good medical facilities..

Which state appears the most developed?

Top 10 Most Developed States in India:Haryana: … Uttar Pradesh: … Rajasthan: … Andhra Pradesh: … Karnataka: … Maharashtra: Maharashtra is known for various reasons from its GDP growth to entertainment sector. … Kerala: Kerala stands a class in terms of various areas in relation to development. … Tamil Nadu:More items…•

Why Sri Lanka has a better human development ranking than India Give two reasons?

Answer. (1) Per capita income : The per capita income of Sri Lanka is higher than that of India. The per capita income of India is about 3285, whereas it is around 5170 for Sri Lanka. (2) Life expectancy at birth : Life expectancy at birth in Sri Lanka is also higher as compared to India.

Why Kerala is best state in India?

Keralites have the best quality of life and have access to excellent medical and educational facilites, on parr with some western coutries. The state boasts a high level of literacy, way above the country’s standard (for men AND women) and life expentancy is the highest in the whole Indian sub-continent.

Which is the poorest state in India?

ChhattisgarhChhattisgarh is the poorest state, with 39.93% of the population living below the poverty line. Since 2004, up till 2011-12, there was a nominal reduction of poverty, from 40.9% to 39.93%. Chhattisgarh was followed by Jharkand, with 36.96% of the population living below the poverty line.

Why Kerala is best in health?

“Kerala has a well-established health infrastructure. While the entire country is struggling with a shortage of hospitals, the state with a population of 35 million has more than 135 hospitals that have over 100 beds,” said Dr Girdhar J. … “It has 50 hospitals with over 300 beds.

Why Kerala has a better IMR even with low PCI?

Kerala has lower per capita income but better human development ranking than Punjab because of many factors. Kerala has the highest literacy rate in the country. The Infant Mortality Rate of Kerala (11) is much less than Punjab (49). Net Attendance Ratio of Kerala (91) is higher than that of Punjab (81).

Why does Kerala have high HDI?

Kerala’s rating of HDI is 0.790 is the highest in India, resulting mainly from the vast improvements the state has made in the fields of sanitation, health, education and poverty-reduction. The state’s poverty rate lingers at 7.05%, just below Goa while the national rate stands at 21.92%.

What are the important criteria of development discuss?

Answer: Most commonly, the criteria for evaluating the degree of economic development are gross domestic product (GDP), gross national product (GNP), the per capita income, level of industrialization, amount of widespread infrastructure and general standard of living.

Why has Kerala a higher human development index than mahrashtra inspite of low per capita income?

Kerala has a better human development ranking than Maharashtra in spite of lower per capita income because of the following reasons: … Kerala small Infant Mortality Rate because it has adequate provision of basic health education facilities.

Is Kerala a poor state?

Kerala is a small, densely crowded state in South India. It is a poor state, even by Indian standards. Its per capita income of US$80 lies well below the all-India average of US$120, and it suffers from the lowest per capita caloric intake in India. … Kerala also has the lowest per capita caloric intake in India.

Is Punjab ahead of Bihar in literacy rate?

Answer: Yes, Punjab is ahead of Bihar in literacy rate.

What lessons can you draw about the importance of income that Himachal Pradesh with lower per capita income has a better human development ranking than Punjab?

Answer. Yes, Because however the Average income/Per capita income is lower for Himachal Pradesh than Punjab. 3. Infant Mortality rate makes Himachal Pradesh to have a better Human Development Ranking than Punjab.

Which state is No 1 in education in India?

KeralaTop 10 Highest Literate States of India : Ranking2001 CensusRankStateLiteracy1Kerala90.862Lakshadweep86.663Mizoram88.807 more rows

What lessons can you draw about the importance of income from the fact that Kerala with lower per capita income has a better human development ranking than Punjab?

Answer Expert Verified Income and per capita are not the only indicators of development. Human development too plays a vital role for development. Government should take adequate steps to provide a secure future with sound education and good health care facilities in addition to better per capita.

Why is Kerala more developed than Bihar give reasons?

Becuase Kerala has low infant mortlaity rate, high literacy rate, s*x ratio in favour of females better health facilities in comparison to bihar and punjab that’s why it is called more developed than the both two.

Why is Kerala so rich?

The service sector dominates the Kerala economy, accounting for 64% of the gross value added in the state in the 2018-2019 period. Kerala saw economic development at rates higher than national average in the period between 2016 and 2020.

Are malayalis rich?

With a net wealth of $51.4 billion Mukesh Ambani, the CEO and Managing Director of Reliance Industries, has topped the Forbes India Rich List for the 12th consecutive year.