Quick Answer: What Is The Mean Of Conditions?

What is a condition in coding?

Conditions are statements that are created by the programmer which evaluates actions in the program and evaluates if it’s true or false.

If-then-else statement allows conditional execution based on the evaluation of an expression..

What is the definition of good condition?

Good Condition means fit for intended purpose, of satisfactory quality, not damaged and capable of any agreed standard of performance.

What are types of conditional sentences?

There are four main kinds of conditionals:The Zero Conditional: (if + present simple, … present simple) … The First Conditional: (if + present simple, … will + infinitive) … The Second Conditional: (if + past simple, … would + infinitive) … The Third Conditional. (if + past perfect, … would + have + past participle)

What is condition with example?

The definition of condition is the state something or someone is in or can also refer to a specific illness. An example of condition is a brand new sofa with no defects. An example of a condition is a harsh work environment. An example of a condition is a cold or the flu. noun.

What is another word for condition?

Importance, claim to notice, regard. Find another word for condition. In this page you can discover 113 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for condition, like: physical state, trim, state, ?, stipulation, cause, qualification, infirmity, limitative, disease and plight.

What is first conditional?

Meaning. First conditional is used to talk about actions/events in the future which are likely to happen or have a real possibility of happening. If it rains tomorrow, I’ll stay at home. (I think there is a real possibility of rain tomorrow. In this condition, I will stay at home)

What is a zero conditional?

We use the zero conditional when we want to talk about facts or things that are generally true. The zero conditional uses if or when and must be followed by the simple present or imperative. … For example: “When it rains, tennis lessons are held in the gym.”

What is the other word for poor?

1 needy, indigent, necessitous, straitened, destitute, penniless, poverty-stricken. 5 meager.

What’s another word for bad condition?

Alternate Synonyms for “bad condition”: unfitness; softness; poor shape; ill health; unhealthiness; health problem.

How many types of condition are there?

There are 4 basic types of conditionals: zero, first, second, and third. It’s also possible to mix them up and use the first part of a sentence as one type of conditional and the second part as another.

What is as is where is condition?

The “As Is Where Is” Clause: Background and Legal Effect In Latin, “caveat emptor” means “let the buyer beware”. … Therefore if a property is being sold on an “as is where is” basis, this means that it is being sold in its current condition, whatever this condition happens to be.

What is the meaning of fitness?

Fitness is a state of being in good physical condition, and is different for everyone. Fitness for the average person might be the ability to perform functional activities required in his or her daily routine. … In general, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, nutrition, and mental health are all crucial in fitness.

What does have a condition mean?

a particular state of being or existence; situation with respect to circumstances. the human condition. 2. something that limits or restricts something else; a qualification. you may enter only under certain conditions.

What is the difference between a condition and a disease?

Condition simply indicates a state of health, whether well or ill; a condition conferring illness might be further classified as a disease or a disorder—however, condition might be used in place of disease or disorder when a value-neutral term is desired.